Always Remembering Nikki Mitchell

It's been two years today since this world lost the beautiful and brilliant Nikki Mitchell. Truly adored by Waylon and Jessi and so many other musicians and creative people, Nikki was an amazing force and light.

When asked to describe Nikki in one sentence, Jessi said :

"Nikki was an adventurous lover of art, a wordsmith of Texas origin -- one able to keep her eye on the horizon at all times, not the clutter beneath."

Please take time today to learn more about the Nikki Mitchell Foundation in honor of this lovely woman and the influential legacy she's left here with us!

Jessi, Shooter Jennings Official, Jamey Johnson, and many more support and dedicate themselves to this cause -- We are dedicated to seeking and supporting the most breakthrough data available for the early detection and cure of pancreatic cancer!